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Signature Ion Shotnizer + Lotion Beau Set (VC)
Adcanced Iontophoresis technology for ionic skincare and cleasing, improves loose and coarse skin, eliminates wrinkles and freckles in no time! Whitening care with this set of professional iontophoresis system and serum Reduces the creation of melanin and teats stains and freckles gained by sunburn. ♥ Handy beauty bar, easy to use and carry ♥ Deep cleansing with ion through Iontophoresis to clear dirt in deep pores thoroughly ♥ Enables beauty essence to penetrate into deep dermal layer ♥ Supersonic wave at 5,000,000 times per second; stimulates collagen regeneration and tighten skin ♥ Facilitates skin rejuvenation to eliminate melanin, freckles and marks ♥ Regains skin resilience; improves loose skin and wrinkles; uplifts facial contour Proper and thorough face cleansing is the first step to a beautiful makeup, a successful day and a wonderful life! Maintain that radiant glow and be every girl’s envy! Ions Shotnizer II has 2 potential: the potential negative and positive potential potential negative ions Increasing absorption lotion / serum / Esen penetrate into the layers of your skin. By using Ion Shotnizer II, lotion or beauty essence will penetrate 30 ~ 50 times as much when you are not using the Ion Shotnizer. you can really feel the difference other than that save lotion / serum / Esence. potential positive ions Strength removes impurities that can not be cleaned with regular cleaning. Any impurities that clog your pores will be easily removed with ease. How to use Put a piece of cotton (thin) on Ion Shotnizer II - pour cleaning fluid. Turn Positive Ion button. Massage your face. Discard cotton TSB, replace it with a clean cotton ball. Squirt Lotion / Esen / Beauty Serum you. Turn key negative ions. Massage your face. Made in Japan

Product name:New Ion + Lotion Beau Set (VC) Model number: JI-5573 This set is for effective whitening care at home. Professional iontophoresis system and serum as a set. Removes dirt which can't be removed by ordinary ways. "Ion treatment" sends beauty ingredients to deep horny skin. "Ion cleansing" keeps your skin very beautiful and clean. Function: IonContents: Device / cotton ring / Vitamin C lotion (qusi-drug) Batteries: 2 AA batteries required (Batteries not contained in the box)